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The Mustang was the brain-child of John Gladden, whose Glendale California company manufactured aircraft parts during World War II.

After the war ended, Gladden thoughts turned to his passion for motorcycles. He decided what was needed was an inexpensive lightweight machine. Thus the Mustang was born. The bike scheduled for sale in 1945 was called the Colt, powered by a 125cc Villers two-stroke British-built engine. Approximently 237 were built.

Because of limited availability of the British motor, a redesign of the Colt to accept Gladden's own engine he had built earlier for industrial use begin. The result was the Model 2, available in 1948. The motor was a single cylinder 322cc side-valve engine, and a three-speed transmission.

By the 1960's, Mustang had expanded its model lines. The solid wheel three-speed Pony and Bronco and the Stallion, which had wire wheels, front brakes and a four-speed transmission. The top of the line was the Thoroughbred, with a swingarm rear suspension and four-speed transmission.

Mustang continued to sell well in the early 1960's, but supply of transmissions from the British became impossible to obtain, also Honda had a strong foothold in the American market.

The last motorcycle rolled off the Glendale production line in 1963.

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